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Long Way Round, Episode 2

Just watched the second episode of “Long Way Round” tonight on Bravo. I must say that Ewan McGregor is indeed a great guy. He is an extremely funny guy, very honest in the camera, and surely a great husband to his wife Eve (meaning that while he is a good looking rich guy away from his UK home most of the year, I am sure he has never cheated on his wife — he’s a honest man with values).

He was a bit over the top though with some things like eating the sheep balls in Mongolia,or making a bit of too much of a deal of the family guy in Ukraine who had a Kalasnikoff in his house. Well, I know people who have guns in their houses in Greece and it’s pretty normal. These countries are closer chronologically to civil wars than other countries like UK or France. People still have guns that themselves or their fathers used in these wars/disputes. And among men, in these countries, taking off their guns and playing with them when friends are around, is considered a “natural hobby” among men. Young people in Greece don’t have such hobbies of course, but people above 40 years old or so, in the rural parts of Greece, do. And no, they are not dangerous people, they are simple hobbyists, usually hunting too (I do hate animal hunting btw, go buy a duck at Safeway if you need to eat, jesus!).