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Greek extortion on the wedding market

My brother is getting married next year. Apparently, *renting* a wedding dress for his bride, it would cost him 1200 Euros. Buying a wedding dress, it would cost him more than 2000 Euros.

Greeks are just crazy to eat in the face such extortion by their local wedding businesses. I wish they jail all these wedding store owners for asking such *crazy* prices! In France you can find an “ok” wedding dress for less than 100 Euros! In Greece, you don’t even buy the wedding gloves for that price!

So, my brother and his fiancee now think of actually flying to France and buy a wedding dress there. It would be marginally cheaper, plus they will make other greek people jealous by saying that they bought it in France (yes, other girls can be overzealous over such claims ;-).

I am looking forward to see them fly to France with us! I would love to help them find out a nice dress for Katherine.


I remember when I walked in to that store where we bought my wedding dress. I wasn’t difficult at all. I think I tried 3-4 dresses in 10 minutes, and I already had decided which one to get easily. I just don’t put a lot of importance on such things like other women do (e.g. like some of my cousins). I am a very practical, very simple person. If something ain’t practical/simple, it just ain’t good. There’s no way that I would spend my time going from store to store, trying out hundreds of wedding dresses. Sure, you don’t get married every day, but then again, why would I want to spend days for a dress that I will only wear once in my life? Think of it that way, and you will see that a dress doesn’t deserve all this fuss.

Sometimes I think I should have been born a boy (no, I am not a lesbian btw, I am 150% straight). But all my friends were always men. I get along better with geek guys talking cool stuff rather than with girls talking about girlie-stuff (*shivers*).

new OSNews section

I am working on a new section for OSNews. It is not a new idea, but it is an [existing] idea taken to a more broader level.

I must say that I am not sure if I will be able to pull through some of the more complex php code that this new section requires, but I should have something up and running in a week from now.

David (the osnews owner) and I discussed regarding a new design for osnews, but I think we are ok with the current one… I mean, Slashdot or CNN hasn’t change in years, and that’s actually a good thing. People prefer whatever they are familiar with, even if it isn’t the best looking or most practical thing — no matter if these same people will whine about designs. In reality, they all prefer what they are used to.