The stupidity of some open source people

So, I was to write a review for Arch Linux, and it still has lots of problems and incovieniences that they should have been fixed by default, but instead they leave the user to fix them by him/herself. But there are times that a plain user (experienced or not) is only so much that he/she can do. In this case, I usually email directly the packager to explain the problem, or file bug reports (but I avoid this lately, because there are so many bugs on linux distros that it makes it just useless).

So, now I got this packager that I asked help from, and when I told him that his package just wouldn’t work and that there is no apm module in the kernel, he would come back to me furious saying “you are the same bitch who wrote bad things about the distro a while back”, “go to irc to get help”, “you don’t deserve special treatment for been a journalist”,etc etc

These are the OSS people who just don’t get it. They DEMAND that we write GOOD things for their distro, BUT they won’t really help you if you have a problem with their distro (remember, the whole point is to write a review). In fact, they will say that “you shouldn’t be writing a review if you can’t fix this or that yourself”. They don’t UNDERSTAND that when someone is set to write a review, you ought to HELP them, not because they are “special”, but because that’s how you get good marketing. That’s how you create RELATIONSHIPS with the press and you get NEWS ITEMS on the front page, even on times that these news items aren’t very important, helping your distro’s popularity.

When MS sends out review units, they APPOINT a contact person if the journalist have a problem with the product. I don’t expect the same from OSS people, but I DO expect some fucking gratitude for messing up with their stuff and try to give them a CHANCE to present their offering to 200,000 readers.

Of course, their reply will be “we don’t need a chance bitch, leave us alone”.

Yeah, great way to help out your distribution. NOT.

I must say though, that Judd Vinet, Arch Linux’s project leader, is a gentleman. Good guy indeed. It’s that other main packager of Arch that is the obvious jerk and spoils the milk.

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