Archive for October 18th, 2004

The Katamari Damaci nightmare

JBQ is really hooked to Katamari Damaci, this very weird japanese puzzle/arcade game. As for me, it makes me really dizzy (I get this with all 3D games, I gotta vomit if I play or watch them for too long), but even worse, its music really sticks into your brain and never goes away: a-lalalala-lalala… a-lalalala-lalala…

Role I would like to see Ewan McGregor in

A role in the Harry Potter movies. Pretty much every internationally acclaimed british actor had a role there, Ewan should do too (especially now that he’s the father of two). He would make an excellent wizard…

On Kids’ psychological problems when parents divorce

I read this all too often. Kids being depressed, sad, or… becoming serial killers later in life because their parents divorced when they were young and they couldn’t bear the burden.

Honestly, I don’t quite understand these kids. I think I was 5 or 6 when I was wishing my parents would divorse so they would shut up when they were fighting (hey, everyone fights from time to time). I was and I am totally cool about parents divorcing if the situation warrants it.

Don’t get me wrong. My parents’ relationship is not a complete chaos, but it ain’t Romeo and Juliet either. I would classify it as a “traditional Greek relationship between two 50-something people from Souli”. Greeks who know about Ipeiros people will understand better this classification.

So, when they would start fighting, I would be the first to chime in and [dis]respectfully suggest: “Boooriiing… Get a fucking divorce alright and shut up.” But hey, they never listen. They stayed married and had a second child too. And my father built a new house and made it as a gift to my mother. Schizophrenic alright. 😛