Archive for October 17th, 2004

CherryOS Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

The CherryOS emulator, claiming that it could seamlessly run Mac OS X at 80% the speed of the host computer on standard x86 hardware, has created some controversy about stolen code.

Of course and they use PearPC as their base. When they said that they wrote this application in “3 months”, I immediately thought that they either have nothing to show, or they are using PearPC.

But then again, I am not sure if the code should be attributed as “stolen” yet. I don’t think they have sold any copies and so they are not required -yet- to open the source code. If they start selling this, without giving out the source code, then yes, it’s theft.

Clockwork Orange

Most, boring, movie, ever. It’s so ’70s, that it isn’t even funny.

About euthanasia

We were discussing about it with JBQ over lunch. We are both for euthanasia when the condition of the patient is really bad and when a judge decides so.

Oh, and make it quick and painless.