Regarding People’s Intolerance for the Successful

It’s funny.

In the ’80s, it was IBM the “big bad wolf”. In the ’90s, it was Microsoft. These days, the new, big, bad company is starting to be Google.

Just remember 1-2 years ago how everyone was supporting and was loving Google. Now, they are sudenly evil. Same goes for the MS of the ’80s.

No, none of these companies are inherently evil. They are just companies trying to make their way into the universe and make some money on the way.

People just hate the No1. End of story. They are jealous or fearful of the successful people or companies. People have an inherent tolerance for the underdog, the no2 or no3, but when this no2 becomes no1, it automatically becomes hateful.

I said it before and I will say it again: Lucky is the person who can go beyond its original programming and have a more wide open view of the world. And this can only happen if people become 100% objective and see things the way they are without afraid of getting trolled by the people who can’t see past their nose (aka the fanatics, people who are stuck in situations and their own “facts”).

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