Archive for October 12th, 2004


I don’t understand some of these kids that happen to read osnews.

They would spam our comment section with absolute crap, like the BattleMage ranks (each time you view the url they include in their posts, they get better in some sort of a useless gaming rank).

Other readers have been unhappy about this spamming the last few weeks, and so I filtered the comments of the guy who started it all. And then, he comes back and spams our boards using my name and talking dirty about me because he was unhappy about this filtering.

I guess, the guy ain’t more than 12 years old. Or, he is a complete loser, who haven’t got laid in years… In any way, he is completely banned now (I warned him alright and he blew it).

crepes for dinner…

My baby and I cooked some french-style crepes tonight. I think they came out pretty good considering the fact that crepes are very tricky to cook correctly without the needed equipment.