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Warcraft II music

If you happen to get your hands on the WarCraft II CD game (released in 1995), rip the music. Especially if you like the “Planets” or the “Star Wars” themes, then you will love Warcraft’s music.

Unfortunately, WarCraft III’s music sucked. I wrote to the musician two years ago to tell him so and he agreed, and he in fact forwarded my email to his manager, as a protest for the management’s decision to not follow WarCraft II’s music theme.

Star Wars Vs Star Trek, Part II

The first love in my life was… Mr Spock. I was 4 years old. His character shaped a lot of what I am today: a harsh realist and a techno-geek (and even logical for the most part ;). I always wanted to do something with computers because Spock was a computer expert!

Having grew up in Greece, in a place and time where girls didn’t really watch sci-fi, it was a bit strange that I became such a geek. I think I caught the bug from my father. My father is a house-builder, he only went 6 years in school, but he absolutely loved sci-fi and documentaries about space. In 1981 he was the only one in our village who had an encyclopedia and a color TV. I still remember, being about 6 or 7 years old, my father getting me to the cinema in the city to watch “Star Trek I” and “Star Wars” around 1979/80 (my mother didn’t wanna come, she usually was getting asleep with non-Greek movies). I would think that I was the only female in the cinema watching such movies, let alone being just a little kid. I just loved all the space battles, the action and the special effects.

Anyways, Star Trek has been the favorite TV/movie thing for me, for years. In the debates between Star Wars and Star Trek, I was always with the Trekkies’ side (some of Next Generation’s episodes are fanstastic indeed).

Now, things start to really change. With the failure of ST:Enterprise to captivate our imagination and the excellent work of “Attack of the Clones” (with undeniably bad acting from Christiansen but a dreamy McGregor as Obi-Wan), I am starting to move to the other side.

Star Wars really is a medieval story with knights, wizards, princesses, monsters etc, but instead, set in space. It’s magical.

Not to mention that the SW aliens make more sense (the Star Trek aliens are all humanoid: isn’t that a bit too much arrogance on our part?).