About solitary monks and priests

All this stuff about Obi-Wan Kenobi made me think…

It is my opinion that monks and priests that never get married and give themselves “to God, for life”, are fooled. It is in our own human nature to create relationships and procreate. Anyone who doesn’t do so, for whatever excuse, goes against the nature.

Now, I am personally a very harsh realist and pragmatist. It’s just that I can not conceive in my mind that any God could wish his followers to never create sexual and deep relationships in their lives (and thus go against the same nature Himself created). That would be a false, double-standard God.

I believe there is always a way to keep both religion as a primary interest, and also have a family.

We all have heard the stories (at least in Greece) about monks who would wank daily or priests who would pay whores, or for monasteries full of gay sex. I do not blame these people. They try to suppress their emotions and their own nature for an entire life. WHAT FOR? I don’t know. I don’t see any justifiable reason to do so! If there is a God, there is no way he would ask for people to go lock themselves inside a cell to find Him. If that’s what He wanted, He would made the Man a unsociable creature. God wants people to be out there, to do GOOD to their fellow people, to teach His words, to help the society mature in large. You can’t shape the society for the better (and thus truly serve God), if you lock yourself in a cell away from it or you hide behind a cross. So, all this “stay clean in your body” crap, just don’t add up.

Some say that they become monks just so they can show to God that they can sacrifice their humanity for Him. Honestly, that’s also crap. If I was a God, I would NOT want my children to give up the gift I gave to them. In fact, giving up that gift (natural humanity), it would feel like this was a rejection of the gift itself! I would be angry to these children, not happy for giving it up for me. If that was not the case, that God would be an egoistic one. Again, that’s the sign of a false Gold, and again, it just doesn’t add up. People have it all wrong, they don’t use their brains (also another great gift ;-).

This case is again one of these cases where the Christian Church changed the way the FIRST church was working, about 200 years after the death and resurrection of Christ. They have added bureaucracy, they have added extra non-needed things, they have forked themselves to death, just so they can put a grip around people’s lives and gain political and social power. Same goes for other religions too.

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