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stressed out like hell

I am so extremely stressed about our trip to Europe soon… So much to do, so much bureucracy and paperwork…

The stupidity of some open source people

So, I was to write a review for Arch Linux, and it still has lots of problems and incovieniences that they should have been fixed by default, but instead they leave the user to fix them by him/herself. But there are times that a plain user (experienced or not) is only so much that he/she can do. In this case, I usually email directly the packager to explain the problem, or file bug reports (but I avoid this lately, because there are so many bugs on linux distros that it makes it just useless).

So, now I got this packager that I asked help from, and when I told him that his package just wouldn’t work and that there is no apm module in the kernel, he would come back to me furious saying “you are the same bitch who wrote bad things about the distro a while back”, “go to irc to get help”, “you don’t deserve special treatment for been a journalist”,etc etc

These are the OSS people who just don’t get it. They DEMAND that we write GOOD things for their distro, BUT they won’t really help you if you have a problem with their distro (remember, the whole point is to write a review). In fact, they will say that “you shouldn’t be writing a review if you can’t fix this or that yourself”. They don’t UNDERSTAND that when someone is set to write a review, you ought to HELP them, not because they are “special”, but because that’s how you get good marketing. That’s how you create RELATIONSHIPS with the press and you get NEWS ITEMS on the front page, even on times that these news items aren’t very important, helping your distro’s popularity.

When MS sends out review units, they APPOINT a contact person if the journalist have a problem with the product. I don’t expect the same from OSS people, but I DO expect some fucking gratitude for messing up with their stuff and try to give them a CHANCE to present their offering to 200,000 readers.

Of course, their reply will be “we don’t need a chance bitch, leave us alone”.

Yeah, great way to help out your distribution. NOT.

I must say though, that Judd Vinet, Arch Linux’s project leader, is a gentleman. Good guy indeed. It’s that other main packager of Arch that is the obvious jerk and spoils the milk.

Iran bans soccer ponytails

Iran has banned soccer players from sporting ponytails and sculpted beards as part of a campaign to prevent the spread of Western culture in the Islamic state, a soccer federation official said on Thursday.

My ass.

The ban does not apply to long hair.


“The Prophet Mohammad had long hair. We have no problem with it,” Majd said.

And how do you know that Prophet Mohammad was not hair-banding when the weather was very hot? Do you have any scriptures that say “Prophet Mohammad would still not put his hair back when weather was too hot or when he was sweating?”

Honestly, all these religious fanatics need to lay off a bit (and this includes some Christians too). Some of them sound so idiotic that only serve good laughs.

Linux distros NOT ready for the common desktop

Believe it or not, I spent most of the past week configuring Linux on my new laptop. The defaults on any linux distro are just sad (especially the ones that call themselves “for pro users”, e.g. Arch or Slack). ALL distros require constant tweaking to work as I would like them on my desktop. /etc/ has become my home, not /home/eugenia/.

With Windows, OSX or BeOS, I think that there is a total 20 minutes of work from their graphical preferencce panels that I need to do to stay happy with their usability and UI. With Linux is a constant battle that never, ever ends.

You get what you pay for. Obviously.


ALSA is the WORST thing the man ever conceived. I don’t know how Linus allowd such PIECE OF SHIT to be included in the kernel. Its configuration complexity for something as simple as software mixing is beyond imagination. Spent 1 hour to make alsa allow more than 1 app to share sound. It should have been fucking default…

Bad hair day…

Really not a good day today:
I need to go into more official places for loads of paperwork I need to do, the original article we hosted today at osnews was a flop, a laptop didn’t come the way I have asked to be configured, a new SQL statement I added on gnomefiles doesn’t work the way it is supposed to, and an asshole from SanJose would IM me talking absolute crap and waste my time.

And I need to clean up my kitchen from last night’s waffles…

Update: And Ubuntu doesn’t want to get installed on the new laptop. And so I decided to install Arch Linux.

Ewan at Jay Leno’s show

As I am writing this Ewan McGregor is at Jay Leno’s show. Ewan is a really funny, easy-going, relaxed guy… among other things, he described that he had to take a wank on the set for a role he was portraying… and he showed a video where he was eating sheep & goat testicles as a soup while in Mongolia during his recent trip. And while he was doing all that, he didn’t realize that he was drinking Jay’s coffee and not his… hehehe…

He made such a big deal about eating sheep balls… I have eaten some too (in Greece of course). Roasted. Not a big deal at all. They are perfectly eatable alright.

Also at Jay Leno tonight, Duran Duran. It was nice to see them again reunited. I was a huge fan of DD in the ’80s when I was a teenager. When I was about 12 years old I was having this dream of marrying bassist John Taylor (falling short of Mr Spock that is)…

The price of handling and shipping

My younger brother has no usable PC in Greece. I have already given him my old AMD 300 Mhz K6, 128 MB RAM laptop, but that’s at the end of its life (makes weird noises) and since my bro re-instaled Win98 its modem stopped working (driver installed and all, according to him).

Anyways, we have here this AMD Duron 1.2 GHz, 392 MB RAM that I wanted to send him that’s got Linux on it (my brother would put XP on it anyway), but thing is, the shipping costs almost more than this PC itself! It just doesn’t worth it to ship a mini-tower to Greece (no monitor)…

So, my little bro shaved off 500 Euro to buy a new one. And this breaks my heart because I know that he doesn’t have much money (he’s between jobs, and he has to put money aside for his wedding next year) while I am sitting on a pile of 14 computers over here that are mostly unused. I wish I had an easier way to send one. 🙁

Darn far away land!

The Katamari Damaci nightmare

JBQ is really hooked to Katamari Damaci, this very weird japanese puzzle/arcade game. As for me, it makes me really dizzy (I get this with all 3D games, I gotta vomit if I play or watch them for too long), but even worse, its music really sticks into your brain and never goes away: a-lalalala-lalala… a-lalalala-lalala…

Role I would like to see Ewan McGregor in

A role in the Harry Potter movies. Pretty much every internationally acclaimed british actor had a role there, Ewan should do too (especially now that he’s the father of two). He would make an excellent wizard…