Archive for September 23rd, 2004

Desktop experiement for geeks

I am on a geek desktop experiement of my own: I installed Arch Linux 0.7pre and put in it X11 and XFce4. The idea is to not install ANY app that require KDE or Gnome and see if the desktop experience is full, or if some important things are missing.

In the experiement is ok to use GTK and Qt apps, just not core Gnome and KDE libraries and apps. For example, Opera is ok, Mozilla is ok, Dillo is ok, Bluefish is ok, Skype is ok, but Nautilus, EVolution, KMail, Konqueror and anything that requires the core kde/gnome libs are out.

So far, I have a pretty usable desktop, even if I miss a number of apps. In fact, I don’t think I miss anything important from my daily usage routine! There are apps for everything!

Hint: I use Fox 1.3.12 with AA fonts and XFe as my file manager. Works ok so far, it’s just that the MIME types don’t work great.