Archive for September 17th, 2004

Firefox/Thunderbird are Getting Really Mature

It’s official.

I have switched to Firefox/Thunderbird on all my Unix-y OSes. This, comes in the expense of Epiphany/Evolution mostly…

On Windows, I still have to use IE, because this problem is still not fixed after all these *years* (it seems to be triggered by a Windows setting). If that bug was to be fixed (makes *any* XUL app unusable, including Thunderbird), I would abandon IE most likely.

Additionally I have to continue use OE on Windows, because I am a customer of Hotmail since 1996 (*before* Microsoft bought it) and so it’s my main email account and I don’t plan to switch ’cause everyone knows that email address (although I also use my gmail and osnews accounts). With OE, I have some great hotmail integration, and I don’t plan to let this go away (the Mac hotmail plugin for OSX’s Mail sucks big time btw, buggy as hell).

On the Mac side, I would have gone fully on Firefox/Thunderbird too, but now it’s Safari/Thunderbird, because Safari scrolls and resizes its windows way faster than any other Mac browser. So Safari it is, because of its Apple-optimized Aqua speed.

Gifts and Salaries

My baby got a salary raise at work this week, we celebrated with champagne. He got drunk that night, he was funny. 🙂

Our wedding anniversary is soon too, I want to buy JBQ a good lense or a $500 tripod for his (too many) cameras. I don’t think that he would enjoy anything else…

(And in return, I just want the mere StarWars DVD that comes out next week (wink, wink ;-))