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RE: America’s Next Top Model this year

I am already in talks with UPN’s PR dpt to get an interview with Yaya soon, for… OSNews. Yaya is a top model, but I would like to do an interview that would marry technology and girlie things. I owe it to myself, at least, living the life of a geek for so long… 🙂

Turkey set for EU row on adultery

If Turkey wants to join the EU, they better put their act together and act like the modern Muslim nation that they are, instead of doing backward steps regarding the individual liberties.

However, the situation begs the question: is adultery a civil crime that must be punished with jail (in Turkey) or death (in some Islamic regimes)?

In my opinion, if marriage is a civil contract with official and legal nature that explicity prohibits adultery, then yes, it is a crime. If marriage is a “personal” contract between two people that happens to have some official value via a semi-meaningless paper, then no, adultery is not a civil crime and the two parties should be free to fuck whoever they want (which is unfortunate of course, as I am pretty old-fashioned myself, but objectively-speaking, this liberty should exist).

In other words, the whole thing is a lot about how you interpret the law and how the law works in general, and less about “religion” and “honor” (even if that’s what it really is for many people — but that should not be the case for the government which should seek the answer in its legal system and not in to religion). If the governemnt is going to put you in jail for something you did, your “crime” must have legal ground, not religious one.

UPDATE: Good for them.