French and Religious Symbols at Schools

Here are some more idiotic lawmakers. French this time.

So, apparently, they have outlawed the “religious symbols” from schools, so Christians can’t wear a cross chain, Indians can’t wear a tourban, Muslim women can’t cover their face etc. etc.

This has created a huge problem with families –mostly Muslims and their student daughters– and the french schools, and some they don’t want to send their children to school anymore.

The solution is so simple, and I don’t understand why the French government doesn’t try to relax their opinions on the matter in this way:

Allow all people to dress the way they want freely at schools, BUT NOT on the classes that REQUIRE special dressing equipment or for classes that health & safety rules require special outfit guidelines. For example: sports classes, chemistry labs, biology labs.

But I don’t see why these students can not be free to wear whatever the hell they want on a math class, or on a geography class (as long as they are not naked or barely dressed like some teenagers like to dress as).

Makes you wonder what these French lawmakers are smoking, together with the American lawmakers on my blog entry below.

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