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On Nokia phones

Nokia reveals 7260, 7270, 7280 hat trick…

Nokia, all they do for their small/middle range is releasing the SAME phone over and over, just with new shells and new model names. And don’t let me start on the nokia phone keyboards, which while LOOK nice, they are fucked up usability-wise.

I have zero respect for Nokia for doing this, instead of putting its ass down and do some research and EVOLVE their product lines as one would expect.

I can tell you right now, I will never buy a Nokia phone. They are going after the flaboyant, easy money, instead of OFFERING something to the industry and to the technology (and thus to the society).

Worst thing a Greek politician has to endure…

…is to have to wear long sleeve suits during the super hot greek summer. Yuk!

Powell calls Sudan killings genocide

U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said Thursday that “genocide has been committed” in the Sudanese region of Darfur. Powell cited a “consistent and widespread” pattern of atrocities — including killings, rapes and burning of villages. “This was a coordinated effort, not just random violence,” he said.

Honestly, I don’t understand this kind of violence in *many places* in Africa! I mean, there are a lot of little countries down there that they are so divided and they fight, and they fight and they fight… forever.

WAKE UP AFRICA. Stop pissing me off with your STUPIDITY. No other continent has so much violence concentrated in civil wars and such! Education people, education! And food, of course. Full stomachs create less violence.

French and Religious Symbols at Schools

Here are some more idiotic lawmakers. French this time.

So, apparently, they have outlawed the “religious symbols” from schools, so Christians can’t wear a cross chain, Indians can’t wear a tourban, Muslim women can’t cover their face etc. etc.

This has created a huge problem with families –mostly Muslims and their student daughters– and the french schools, and some they don’t want to send their children to school anymore.

The solution is so simple, and I don’t understand why the French government doesn’t try to relax their opinions on the matter in this way:

Allow all people to dress the way they want freely at schools, BUT NOT on the classes that REQUIRE special dressing equipment or for classes that health & safety rules require special outfit guidelines. For example: sports classes, chemistry labs, biology labs.

But I don’t see why these students can not be free to wear whatever the hell they want on a math class, or on a geography class (as long as they are not naked or barely dressed like some teenagers like to dress as).

Makes you wonder what these French lawmakers are smoking, together with the American lawmakers on my blog entry below.

On Abortion and American Lawmakers

A third federal judge ruled Wednesday that the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act is unconstitutional, saying it fails to include an exception when a woman’s health is in danger.

For Christ’s sake! How could they forget such a thing? IT IS IMPERATIVE that an abortion should be allowed IF, and only IF, a doctor has signed and declared that the woman’s life is in danger if she carries out the pregnacy!

Let me be clear: I am AGAINST abortions in general, BUT I am FOR an abortion, IF the health of the woman is in jeopardy.

And YES, I have a reason for all that: if my greek relative’s doctor didn’t –pretty much– pushed her for an abortion in 1980, she would be DEAD by now, leaving TWO children orphaned. And that would have mean, TWO children would be raised without that mother, by a father who can’t even boil an egg or prepare some hot milk by himself (as most greek men can’t ;-). So, don’t fucking tell me, you freaking idiot pouritan american lawmakers that “the banned procedure would never be necessary”.

NEVER? Never my ass!

No, I have never had an abortion, and I was never pregnant. But my greek relative’s situation is enough to make me know WHEN something is right and when is wrong. She had two necessary cesearians in the ’70s –in a time that the technique was not still advanced–, and if she was to have a third one in 1980, she would be dead now. It was the doctor himself who told her “no way, I won’t let you have this child, I won’t let you die on me”. Remember, that was the time that “the pill” was really not popular in Greece, plus it was expensive (many families were really poor back then).

I am EXTREMELY appalled by the American lawmakers and their sense of “freedom”. Where is the freedom of LIFE for the mother? Where is the freedom of the existing children to have their mother alive and grow up with her on their side? Where is the freedom of the husband to keep his wife alive?

Yes, the unborn baby has the freedom of life too, but usually there are more people depend/need the mother, than needing this unborn new baby. Do protect the baby’s rights by banning abortion in general, but not on the mother’s/family’s expense on life/health. There should be exceptions to the rule.

It just needs a case-by-case review by several *doctors*, and not a “one case fits all” knee-jerk reaction by pouritan lawmakers who are lucky enough to have healthy wives, or by Catholic/christian lawmakers who are religiously biased over the matter. This is not what I call a democratic nation.