Church, Justice: losing grip with reality

Here’s another good example of how our “holy church[es]” are not that wise or really holy.

Basically, they declared invalid the communion of a little girl that can’t digest wheat because of a medical condition. She had to use a rice-based communion, but that was named invalid.

That’s just crap. I mean, the communion itself is SYMBOLIC. Whoever says otherwise, is an idiot. In the first days of the Christian Church there were no such stuff, it was a simple gathering. All the politicalities and what the vicars should wear and all other etiquetes etc etc, were all established 300 years after the death of Christ, where the one Church back then wanted a stabler foot in people’s lives.

So, from the moment a communion is being blessed, no matter if it’s spinach or wheat or… pasta bolognese, it’s good enough to be valid. It is SYMBOLIC people, the communion has an allegoric nature, it does NOT have to be exact.

I am really appalled seeing the Churches losing their grip with reality: Orthodoxs as well as Catholics still can’t agree on how communion should be, a testament that it’s all bullshit and all staged by humans — Catholics changed it 800 years after the original Church, the Orthodoxs, used ‘bread and wine’. All these Churches lose themselves into particular etiquetes instead of following christianity in its heart (and they keep forking and forking instead of staying united). They have lost the original message. They don’t deserve my loyalty (I still believe in God, I was raised as an Orthodox, but I won’t be a fanatic about it — instead I will critisize Christianity’s misteps at all levels and for all Churches).

And then, I read about the person who spent 40 years in prison, while he was 100% innocent all these years.

How much more fucked up this planet can be? I am personally very dissapointed.

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