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Olympic ticket whining

Journalists are whining about the Olympic Games in Athens that the stadiums are not full of people.

Well, I checked the prices of tickets at the official site. Basically, for most games the ticket prices are between 10 and 20 Euros (with 20 euros being a borderline price that a normal Greek person would pay for 2-hours of pleasure).

However, for gymnastics and some other sports the prices start at 50 Euros and go as high as 200 Euros! WTF? What is IOC and Greek Olympic Committee is thinking? There is no “normal” Greek person that would be able to pay such high prices! My mother or my brother need to work TEN DAYS to be able to pay such a ticket!

This is madness! Of course and there aren’t enough spectators on all of the games. And there won’t be any more! Not as long as the salaries are so low in Greece or the ticket pricing is that crazy high!

And there’s another problem too: Greeks have a short span of “sport acceptance”. For example, don’t expect greeks to go watch Baseball, or Softball or even tennis or horse-riding. Greeks prefer basket-ball, soccer, some track&field, some swimming. Because of this reality, the gymnastic tickets should have never costed more than $20-25 if they wanted to see full[er] stadiums.

Oh, and the other thing: August is really the month of holidays for Greeks. 50% of Athenians leave town on August to visit their cities/villages they grew up at. The city is literally empty at that time. I believe that the best dates for these Olympic Games should have been between August 20th and Sep 5th. That’s the time that:
1. People are starting to come back from vacations (schools start on Sep 10th, so people have to be back by then).
2. Weather gets better after August 20th (not as crazy hot as it is now).

50% more people by 2050

This news at CNN are appaling and very disturbing. The world’s population on this planet is to go up by 50% by 2050.

This is WAY too much for this planet to manage to feed us all, and keep balance with nature. We are killing our own planet by increasing the population in this fashion. And when we are killing our planet, we are killing OURSELVES.

Concious birth control *for all*, NOW (and no, that doesn’t mean birth pills, but concious individual responsibility). No more than a billion people on this planet please!

But you know, more people mean more consumers and more money for the rich corporations. And also means less food and standard of life for the rest of the people. Something needs to be done.