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Olympic opening ceremony

I think the Greeks have made a great opening ceremony. From the pictures I saw, I think it was fantastic, best ever. I don’t believe that anyone else could do a better one, even if 4 or 8 years ago had the technology of today.

I am often critical of the Greeks and their way of life, but they have pulled it off well this time.

And as I write that, one more Cardinal fish is ready to die in our fishtank. Darn it, I hate that. 🙁

Giving an end to a suffering

We had 16 cardinals (fish), we are now left with 8.

Just a few minutes ago I saw that there was one new cardinal dead too (floating and had lost half of its color). But soon later I noticed that it would flap every few seconds. It was obviously at the very end of its life.

I decided to boil some water and kill it completely, to give an end to its suffering (this is how you supposed to kill fish without suffer — they die in an instant).

This was the first time I had to kill something. Sure, I have squashed flies, spiders, mosquitos and ants during my lifetime, but nothing as major. God forgive me. But it was for its own good, I couldn’t watch it suffer like that. I sure hope that someone would have such mercy on me and give an end to a suffering, if I was in a comparable position.

No, we still haven’t found what caused our cardinals to die one by one. It is obviously something that was brought in with the new fish, we just don’t know what… 🙁