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I have written a number of reviews in my life, but this one is different.

It is about my “colan”, a kind of trousers that athletes wear when exercising. Basically, my mother bought this colan for me in 1988, for 4,000 greek drachmas. 16 years later it is LIKE NEW. And I do wear it at least 2 days a week, the whole day. This is the only piece of clothing that I have it being so old and look like it was bought yesterday. The black color is still there as it was back then, and it fits exactly right. I don’t know how this thing was actually made, but it feels like it was made of steel, it’s in an amazing shape. 😮

The reason I write this is because I still remember my mother being unhappy buying me that, because it was too expensive back then (about $12, but that was a lot of money in the Greece of the ’80s). However, its quality paid off by being the most reliable piece of cloth I have ever seen. As my JBQ says, “there is a reason why I prefer to pay more for keytronic keyboards and logitech mice”. Same for other things in our lives, apparently. You get what you pay for.

The Return of the Cube

I used the Apple Cube today, after many months (it switches on and off all by itself so I was avoiding it on purpose).

So, I updated it to the latest apps and 10.3.4 and it works well (apart of the common Cube hardware problem of auto-switching on/off, it didn’t do it today though).

I like the Cube. It has its problems, for example the DVD drive won’t read any DVD+ or – disks burned at home, it has no audio in/out/mic inputs, it only has 2 USB connectors while it comes with 3 USB devices (the speakers need powered USB, they won’t work when connected through the keyboard). Also, the original card was a 16 MB ATi Rage card which I replaced with a GeForce 2MX 32 MB AGP and so now I have QuartzExtreme support. But the biggest problem of the cube is its default SLOW-SLOW-SLOW hard drive. It is a 20 GB Maxtor (I still curse Apple for using that particular drive) and when I put an 80 GB disk in there for a week last year, the OS was OBVIOUSLY much more responsive. I am thinking of buying a new drive and put it in there and move Cube’s 20 GB on a Linux machine somewhere (I have a Duron 1.3 GHz and an AthlonXP 1600+).

What I love from the 450 Mhz Cube (1 MB L3) is that it runs multimedia better and faster than my *dual* Celeron 533 Mhz (2×128 KB L2) and XP which is still my main machine (it works extremely stable for what I do, no reason to upgrade it). Doing normal things in the Cube like resizing windows or scrolling is still a pain in the a$$ though and it takes away an otherwise great media/visual performance.

SpiderMan 2 and the Mighty Avengers

We went to watch Spider-Man 2 this evening. Nice movie, better than the first I think. In some scenes you would easily see that it was CG though…

I think the actor who played Doc Octopus was fantastic, and the newspaper boss of Peter Parker, J. Jonah Jameson, is also a fantastic actor, exactly as I would imagine him reading the comics.

Yeah, I used to read a lot of Marvel comics during the 80s, my favorite was always the “Avengers”. I was thinking the past few months, that the only way you can get the Avengers on the big screen is by doing something like the “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within” movie, where *everything* is pre-rendered CG. You see, the Avengers don’t have the strong and distinguished storyline of XMen or Spiderman. It is just a bunch of friends, heroes, who help out the world from lethal enemies. The only really authentic sub-story there is the love between the Scarlet Witch and Vision, a cybernetic lifeform (while Scarlet Witch’s brother, Quicksilver, don’t like that idea). Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are both children of Magneto (as they find out much later). The problem with Avengers is also that it has a lot of very strong figures, each one that could made a movie alone: Thor, Captain America, Iron Man. You can’t squeeze so many “important” characters in one movie without having a “single” leading character. In the comics they were all leading you see, there wasn’t a single person that was “more important” than the others. However, if all was CG, it would be more closer to the comic way of doing things, and it wouldn’t bother as much. I hope Marvel considers that…

USB/Firewire connectors are not designed for women

I am telling you people, the USB & Firewire connectors are not designed for women… They look too similar.

I just spent 3 minutes trying to place a pair USB speakers on a firewire connector. Of course, they wouldn’t fit, but I was SURE in my MIND that these were firewire speakers. I haven’t used that computer for over 6 months and so its tech specs were quite scarce in my mind. But I was sure of that, that the speakers were firewire… But they were USB and didn’t bother to actually LOOK at the connector closer, as I was sure of what I was having there… 😮

Good gracious…


I watched the “Armageddon” movie tonight. I *thoroughly enjoyed it*. I don’t understand why this movie is rated so low at imDB, only 5.7 out of 10. I would give it a 7 or 7.5 for sure. Yes, it has a gazillion technological inaccuracies, but the movie itself is really well-directed, it has a fantastic photography and effects, it has a nice story and great action. In other words, it is MIGHTY FUN. So, I don’t understand what people where expecting more from such an “armageddon-holocaust” movie. I thought it was great to watch.

My favorite character was the Russian astronaut of course: “American components, russian components, they are all made in Taiwan…”

On Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is kinda hot. However, he needs a reality check and he needs to relax too. I think we will be seeing him in the political scene soon (if he won’t destroy all his money in poker first)…

Greeks euro2004 champions

So, Greece did the unthinkable and got the Euro2004 soccer championship. Remember, the fact that Greece was present in the tournament was a surprise on its own, let alone qualifying for the finals and finally getting the cup. A good example how a team that can only play well in defence can get a cup…

Last night, the whole Greece was awake, celebrating. Also, the greeks in australia, NY, Germany etc. These were nice moments for the Greeks.

As I type this, half a million people are outside the Panathinaiko stadium in Athens (the long-shaped stadium that the first modern olympics took place in 1896) and they are awaiting the “heroes”. Thing is, Greece showed for once more its unorganization of things, and the pullman that has all the champions in it on the way to the stadium is moving now 1 metre per minute, because all roads are closed in Athens from the many cars accompanying the pullman. Instead of getting the army using 2-3 big helicopters (which would make a much better show anyway) they only got a freaking bus that it’s right now stuck inside Athens, and half a million are awaiting for it for hours now… 😛