Earth Population must decrease

We are way too many people on this planet. Animal and plant species are dissapearing almost everyday as we consume all the resouces on this planet. We are simply too many: 6.5 billion big mammals.

We need to go down to around 1 billion. Even if I am a woman, I am absolutely fine with a world measure that would say that each family should only have 1 child for the next 100 years. Every 10 years there should be evaluation reports and research as to how the measure is performing and then adjust accordingly.

Personally, I am perfectly fine with such a measure. Yes, children are great, I personally want two of them. However, people must look at the BIG picture. If we fuck up this planet, it is these children that we give birth and life to that will have TROUBLE living in the future because the planet resources have being eliminated.

I already see huge parades from women against government buildings if such a measure gets activated. But again, people need to see the bigger picture. We are a society, a community. We need BALANCE, not uncontrollability. Without balance, we are all dead, sooner or later.

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