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Earth Population must decrease

We are way too many people on this planet. Animal and plant species are dissapearing almost everyday as we consume all the resouces on this planet. We are simply too many: 6.5 billion big mammals.

We need to go down to around 1 billion. Even if I am a woman, I am absolutely fine with a world measure that would say that each family should only have 1 child for the next 100 years. Every 10 years there should be evaluation reports and research as to how the measure is performing and then adjust accordingly.

Personally, I am perfectly fine with such a measure. Yes, children are great, I personally want two of them. However, people must look at the BIG picture. If we fuck up this planet, it is these children that we give birth and life to that will have TROUBLE living in the future because the planet resources have being eliminated.

I already see huge parades from women against government buildings if such a measure gets activated. But again, people need to see the bigger picture. We are a society, a community. We need BALANCE, not uncontrollability. Without balance, we are all dead, sooner or later.

Poison in Baby food

I just read this one.

I am disgusted with crap like these. Such crimes are simply UNFORGIVABLE.

If I had the power, I would dump the responsible people to the wastelands of Mars to live the rest of their lives off Martian worms, but unfortunately, we aren’t at that stage yet. Give it 100 years or so.

On superstitions and human nature

I was reading lately a book about the ancient Egyptians and their religion and sects. It is so astounding that they were so supersticious about everything in their lives, and yet they managed to master complex math and build the pyramids.

I wonder the kind of superstitions people have today. I remember that the old people in my village still had some superstitions about things. For example, if a person had two big “spots” on the back of his head by birth, the person would get married twice.

What really surprised me was that when I went to UK in 1996, an english friend of mine mentioned this –as a joke– while we were talking about stuff. Apparently the old english people had the EXACT same superstition! That was something I didn’t really expect, having old superstitions been similar to so far away lands, while the old people couldn’t travel as much.

Anyways, modern superstitions are different. People back in the day would blame “demons” for their illnesses. Today, in this space era we live in, we just have the Greys and the Reptilian aliens to blame for anal probes. 😛

I wonder if ever the human race can go beyond their need for being under control from forces they don’t understand. The same goes for religion. People WANT to believe that “there is something big out there, something that can master us”. They have this need. It is written in our ROM[==enstict].

Truly free and fortunate is the person who can go beyond the original design and extend/upgrade its own ROM.