New Star Trek movie or series

I remember having this idea back in 1999, about a star trek series around teenagers, students of the Starfleet Academy. Think about like a high-school series, but this time in sci-fi and in the star trek universe. While this wouldn’t fly with the “classic” star trek fans, it can bring new blood to the star trek franchise, which is exactly what this (dying) franchise needs today: new and young viewers to enrich the ‘userbase’.

I also remember discussing this very thing with Adrian Ziemkowski (ex-BeNews, ex-Be Inc., now in the TV industry) back then over IRC, he had the same idea too!

Apparently, we were not the only ones: Berman, the current trek producer, has the same idea too, and he wanted to bring this idea into a series, reports.

I think the idea makes sense, even if I am not a fan of teen series. If done correctly, it could be interesting.

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