Fink sucks

I wanted to use the latest gnome apps so I had to use Fink-unstable on Mac OS X, but unfortunately there are no binaries for the unstable Fink.

It feels all over like Gentoo again, and I hate it. I am still 6 hours waiting for Rhythmbox 0.8.5 to build all its dependencies. It sucks.

This is a G4 Cube 450 Mhz, and so if compilation is going on on the background, the machine gets too slow to use it at the same time. This means, that if you want to install newer Gnome/KDE apps on your OSX via Fink today, you need to say bye-bye to your Mac for a whole week before compilation of all the needed stuff finishes and is ready again to work in its full capacity. Binaries people, BINARIES.

*UPDATE* To install the gtk-based Totem, I need to also install Qt3. Fucked up dependencies. BINARIES people and STATICALLY link whatever is too extreme and not standard!

*UPDATE 2* After 8 hours of compiling the Rhythmbox dependencies (which very weirdly included Python (I already have python installed), TeTex and Ghostcript), Rhytmbox is up and running. But it won’t play any audio file, “no audio element found” it says. Yes, gstreamer is installed and registered, but still no cake. FREAKING FiNK.

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