Greeks euro2004 champions

So, Greece did the unthinkable and got the Euro2004 soccer championship. Remember, the fact that Greece was present in the tournament was a surprise on its own, let alone qualifying for the finals and finally getting the cup. A good example how a team that can only play well in defence can get a cup…

Last night, the whole Greece was awake, celebrating. Also, the greeks in australia, NY, Germany etc. These were nice moments for the Greeks.

As I type this, half a million people are outside the Panathinaiko stadium in Athens (the long-shaped stadium that the first modern olympics took place in 1896) and they are awaiting the “heroes”. Thing is, Greece showed for once more its unorganization of things, and the pullman that has all the champions in it on the way to the stadium is moving now 1 metre per minute, because all roads are closed in Athens from the many cars accompanying the pullman. Instead of getting the army using 2-3 big helicopters (which would make a much better show anyway) they only got a freaking bus that it’s right now stuck inside Athens, and half a million are awaiting for it for hours now… 😛

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