What world are we living in?

What in the love of God some people are thinking?

This guy, “rapper DMX”, was arrested today in NY for trying “to steal a car in a parking lot at Kennedy Airport”.

And later I read, “he is the first artist to have his first five albums debut on the “Billboard” charts at No. 1.”

WTF? The guy had 5 No1s, he sold millions of records and he has the fucking NEED to steal? It makes you wonder for the QUALITY of some people.

It is ok to steal if you need to EAT. If your family NEEDS TO EAT and you can’t provide that food by any legal means. In that case, stealing a chicken or stealing an apple –to me– is fully justified. But stealing a CAR when you are already a millionaire, is fucking RIDICULOUS.

My family was always about having good beliefs and principles. The *only* time I know that someone from my family stealing something (all 150-200 people living in a spanning of 3 generations), is my grandfather who stole a goat to FEED his army. He was in Albania in 1941 FIGHTING the Mousolini army and he had 25-30 people under his command. Greeks who know some history will remember that these fights took place under snow and cold with the Greeks not even having the basics of equipment (e.g. socks for some). His men were hungry. In the night –legend says– he went in the ITALIAN ARMY’s place, posing as an italian soldier and stole a goat. He brought the goat back to his men safely (about 1 Km away) and they ate (and there was much rejoice 🙂

But that’s one time that “stealing” is justified and you are even getting decorated as a “hero” for doing so.

But having that fucking millionaire over there stealing for fun (or for drugs), the guy deserves to go to prison for having no respect to God or his luck to have become who he is today.

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