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We had great time in Utah, where we were there for a week for holidays! It is a beautiful place, especially in the mountains! JBQ got a ton of pictures! 😀


I wonder what the birds are talking about. They certainly have a language, and a very lound one at that. They wake us up in the mornings.

Upgraded to Mono b1

I installed Mono beta 1 today. I am back to my C# programming… *happy*

stupid rm

I am a freaking idiot. By mistake (I was tired and without thinking too much) I deleted my /var/log/packages/* on Slackware. Poof, it’s gone, no package database anymore. I will need to re-install Slackware now. 🙁

Test driving the new car

One hour of test driving yesterday, and one more today. I hope I will be in a shape to test for the California license at the end of June.

We bought a new car

So, my beloved JBQ bought a car for me! 🙂

We bought a red Ford Focus ZX5 with lots of extras for a fair price (JBQ already drives a red Camaro). I am happy about it, but also a bit nervous, because I will need to pass now the California license test (I have an EU driver’s license, but that ain’t valid in US).

Lunch with Miguel de Icaza

I had lunch with Miguel de Icaza of Ximian/Gnome/Novell/Mono/Gnumeric fame. We had great time, Miguel is a fantastic person, intelligent, funny and thoughtful over his strategies. More, on my article at OSNews soon.

Gia Carangi movie

I saw the Gia Carangi autobiography movie tonight (played by Anjelina jolie). I can only say that Gia needed psycho treatment, not just drug addiction treatment. Oh well, anyway…

And after that, I watched “Earth Girls are Easy”. Man, that Jim Carrey when he was 26 years old was REALLY cute! 😀