Churches doing it all wrong

So, it seems that the Greek-Orthodox Church will have a schism. We have a bunch of power-hungry “saint men” trying to do their thing without looking the BIG picture.

I am appalled seeing how the Churches of the world can’t see the big picture or what they need to do to HELP the people of the world (that’s why they are here for), and instead they fight with themselves for power over and over again, schism after schism, over the last ~1,900 years. Honestly, I am truly surprised how Christianity has managed to survive with these means for almost 2,000 years.

However, less and less people go to Church these days, especially in Europe. These idiots heading all these Christian Churches around the world, instead of seeing that Christianity is falling and less and less people are under their influense these days, they keep fighting for small territories and power, only to find themselves with no followers over the next 20-50 years. They are deeping their head into irrelevance and they don’t even know it.

IMHO, the big churches of the world should re-unite (orthodox, catholics, protestants, etc etc). Not because we people terribly need them, but for their own good, for their status quo, to buy them some time. United they stand 300-500 more years of Christianity in the traditional sense and new followers, seperated they will all fall in less than 200 years from now. Their time has passed.

Note: I am a Greek Orthodox in papers, and I love God in the pure sense of Him. However, that doesn’t mean that I am a follower of any particular “Church” in the sense it was evolved the last 2,000 by any of the major Church houses in the world. I am not a follower of any particular schism, for me, there is only one way to be a “Christian”. And if these bozos can’t get that and instead they seperate themselves every so often into smaller fractions, to me that only shows that none of these Churches are “blessed by God” or “right”. To me, all the Church foundations are all corrupted. All of them. Good people of course, ARE to be found among these people, but the foundations themeselves are rotten and for me, already irrelevant.

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