The guy who can’t get it

It is so entertaining watching out Kelly McNeil from osViews to battle OSNews and myself using questionable methods on his site (and on other sites posting as anonymous coward). The guy is obviously so freaking jealous of the OSNews success (his site is sitting on the bottom of the traffic pile while OSNews is sailing for a new record this month with ~190,000 pageviews per day on average) that he can’t bare it anymore and so he personally attacks me without having any solid evidence (“what’s her agenda?” someone asks, “she has multiple” he replies). Hahaha…

At some point –before he got so worked up– he wanted to buy OSNews (so he would buy success without going through all the long time and hard work I had to go through to get OSNews where it is today), while recently he came up with an alternative plan –from what I was told– to move osViews from the bottom of the pile by “paying some money to have osnews link his articles on osViews”. Hah!

Kelly, get a life. You won’t dethrone me from my position with such Microsoft-like tactics. You only manage to empower me: being infamous ‘sells’ more anyway.

Save some dignity for yourself instead of attacking fellow editors for no good reason other than zealotry and jealousy.

However, I know that whatever I will say, Kelly won’t listen. He never does, he has decided that I am “biased”, and that’s that. As many other people, he only remembers stories that are “negative news” to whatever platform he likes and this feeling overpowers the good news that we post about that specific platform. It is so much easier, you see, to accuse an editor of false/biased reporting over a few articles than to open your mind to what’s happening around you without thinking like a XX zealot, or to simply also remember that the same editor wrote many good articles about that XX platform too. But people never remember the good/normal articles, they only remember whatever they read and happened to piss them off for one reason or another. People don’t understand that reporting is about reporting both the good and the negative news of an entity. That’s life: one day you get great news about a company, the next day you get an article that’s disregarding some of the same company’s aspects. But you got to report on both of them. And that’s what we do, but people only remember the negative ones.

Also, many think that OSNews is Slashdot and that everyone can comment whatever the hell they want, and so we would be critisized of “censorship” and “modding down posts we don’t agree with”, which is absolutely false. We have an obligation to the rest of our readers with some brain left in their heads to clean up the forums of crap comments, and so we do and we will continue to do so. If that’s what some will call censorship, by all means, these readers are free to go elsewhere and play. We won’t mind and we won’t care. On our own playground, we have our own rules that you either follow, or you won’t play:

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