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We had a nice night tonight. Friends came over for some board gaming and dinner.
I cooked some roasted game-hens with gravy, roasted mushrooms and some creamy potatoes “garte de dafnioua” (sorry, I can’t spell it, it’s french).

In the meantime JBQ bought for me the modem that goes with my Palm V. Exciting, even if I have a modern TH55.


So, we watched “America’s Next Top Model” last night. Quite a funny series. 🙂

Personally I liked Sara, but she was elliminated from the competition a few weeks ago, so I didn’t have a preference after that point. Yoanna — the winner– is pretty good, but she seriously need to exersize 2 hours a day in order to shape up her (shapeless skinny-fat/no-bum) body and also she needs to get some color (currently her body looks like a vampire’s that has never seen the sun :-).

I crashed it

I installed an app on the TH55, it kept crashing the 68k virtual machine, I had to hard-reset it, now I have to re-install all that software I installed yesterday. Bummer. 😛

SONY TH55 is here

So, my SONY TH55 is here. I have mixed feelings for it so far. Disantvantages:

1. No landscape mode for web browser.
2. Bluetooth is stripped out from the US version (and just today I was wishing I could use bluetooth headphones having the PDA streaming from the net and move around the house!)
3. Pocket Tunes does not fully support the PDA: It can’t stream reliably any radio station above 56kpbs, it can’t turn off the screen on demand, and I can’t insert new .PLS files without going through the Shoutcast web site..
4. I keep forgetting the camera cap open and I put my fingers there. Also, I keep pressing the Capture button by mistake. I find confusing that little orange light telling me something about the Camera cap that I don’t know what it means when flashing (even when the cap is closed) 😛
5. Making the PDA work with my wireless was a pain in the bam. It took me over an hour to get it going. Apparently a LOT fo people with Clies and LinkSys wireless routers seem to have the exact problem and takes them a lot of efforts and DNS entering to get it going…
6. The PDA doesn’t always turn off after 1 Minute of inactivity. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t…

That’s it so far…

Overclocked my PDA

Hehe, I am really a true geek, am I not? 😉

I overclocked an old “Palm V” PDA I got around. From 16Mhz all the way to 28 Mhz! Speed is really noticable on apps like AvantGo (scrolling a web page is so much faster) and Bejewled which also runs faster!

Additionally, I did some research to find how I can connect it to the net. Apparently you can either buy the PalmV 33.6kpbs modem (which is also a craddle) for $4 (yes, four bucks) or you can use an IrDA & Data-Enabled mobile phone (it should be able to send AT commands like *some* Nokia/SonyEricsson phones do) to dial through it! You can even send/receive faxes with it!

The only problem this Palm V has is that it only has 2 MB of memory (not upgradable) and that its screen is not backlit, other than that is great!

Upgraded to T2

I don’t know if this is an error at Comcast or we were really upgraded without being told, but we now average 390 KB/sec with our cable modem while until a few weeks ago we were at 211 KB/sec (that’s kilobytes) and at the pre-comcast days (at AT&T) we were doing 256 KB/sec.

With our 390 KB/sec connection, I downloaded Mandrake Linux 10, in 1.5 hours. 🙂

updating firmware

I had to upgrade the wireless router to its latest Firmware. Apparently FTP wouldn’t work correctly with non PASV servers. 😛


At last, we now got wireless at home. We had a LinkSys wireless router for a year now, but I was always so lazy to spend 30 minutes with it to configure it…

I am thinking of buying a wireless PDA now. I will wait for MobileCon on end of march to see if MS is going to update PocketPC and when, and then decide when exactly I will buy one. If nothing important will come up in the MobileCon, I will get the highest end HP iPaq. I would buy the Palm Tungsten T3, but it has no wireless, while the high end Palm has wifi but smaller resolution. There is always a catch…