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The Butterfly Effect

A must-see film. We had a great time watching it tonight!

web camera

I bought a new web camera today (382×244 res or something) for only $17.99 USD. I wanted it for use with Linux.

It didn’t work. There are no drivers for this camera with Linux.

I guess I will have to move back my Creative camera from my WinXP PC to Linux and get the cheap webcam on XP. I just didn’t wanna run the cheap camera’s taiwanese drivers (which I don’t trust) on my XP but use a generic linux driver. Oh, well…

Meeting Bernd

Bernd Korz from YellowTAB was here today, we had some good time geeking out with his products and Zeta OS and have some nice conversation about things.


This Orkut thing is interesting, but very boring, I mean, there is nothing important/different to do with it atm. And it’s getting big FAST. And most of the time is down. 😀