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Marvel comics

I have the best husband in the world. Yesterday he went out in the morning while I was sleeping and he bought for me the electronic version of the first issues of many Marvel comics (X-men, Avengers, Captain America etc)! Isn’t he so sweet? 🙂

milk shakes

My JBQ bought a milk shake blender for me, really nice little machine. However my milk shakes are not as nice as at Friday’s restaurant for some reason.

ROTK was great

We finally seen ROTK yesterday. I really enjoyed it, however JBQ didn’t like the fact that the movie doesn’t show Aragorn’s ‘fight’ to be recognized as the king.

Legolas is very cute (however I don’t like Orlando Bloom as much :o)



JBQ’s still at work tonight, there’s nothing on TV, internet has nothing new in it and I am terribly bored.


Yesterday was JBQ’s birthday. My baby is now one year older. 🙂

We bought some “high end” food at Draeger’s in San Mateo and had a nice dinner at home and then watched the first 3 Futurama episodes on DVD.

Previously we went to see “Paycheck” and we both really loved the film. I would give it a solid 7/10, I really don’t understand why the IMDB readers voted it below 6/10.

1st of January

Terrible day today. Stayed home all day, doing absolutely nothing. I am bored as hell. I wanted to go to see LOTR:TROTK but it was sold out, and then JBQ didn’t feel like driving to go watch “Paycheck”. Wasted day.