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The Matrix

I was expecting The Matrix to suck, but it wasn’t so bad. We got to San Mateo and watched it with JBQ today. It was a thought provoking movie, but probably not as a shock or an epic as the first one. A good sequel nevertheless though.

The cinema was filled up with kids today, all 7 shows were booked up for “Finding Nemo”. 😀


So, it was my birthday yesterday… I got 30 years old.

I feel older. My health is definitely deteriorating. I can feel it.

We didn’t do way too much yesterday. We caught the bus and went to San Mateo, had lunch in a restaurant, gone to the movies and watched “Bruce Almighty”, on the way back home we bought the Star Trek: Nemesis DVD and we watched it tonight. Without having a car (still not fixed, we were waiting the insurance to give us the green light), you can’t really go to far away… UK has such a better transportation system…

Car crash

JBQ, my husband, crashed the car this morning. Thankfully he is fine!!
The Camaro has quite some damage though, we are waiting for the insurance to come back to us.

At least JBQ is ok, that’s all that matters!!

No news

Bleh, what a terrible and boring day this was. It was one of the very few “nothing happens” ones (if you don’t count the fact that my electrical fryer doesn’t heat anymore)…