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Not much…

We are going for a long weekend vacation soon, somewhere in the mountains, don’t ask me where exactly, not sure where…
I won’t ski of course, but I will take my french books with my and try to study a bit, if I have nothing else to do. I really feel that I can’t concentrate on studying anymore, I am getting 30 years old this May, I just don’t feel like a kid anymore anxious to learn new things…

Other than that, I really feel a bit dissapointed on the way people treat others online. I grow to hate this thing called Internet day by day… It is just unnatural. Oh, whatever…

12″ Powerbook is here

So, the powerbook is here! I was waiting for it all day, and FedEx decided to deliver it very late at afternoon, and they actually left it at the apartment’s offices. 😛
So, the memory didn’t make it here with the rest of the package, so until it arrives, the Powerbook will have to use only 256 MB of RAM.
The funny part?
Well, I crashed MacOSX for the first time in my life.
How you ask?
The very first time you turn on the machine, there is a registration application that you enter your info and your network ip stuff in it and then it registers you to Apple. So, it successfully sent the info to Apple, and when it tried to disconnect from the registration process, the app crashed. I tried everything, but I couldn’t quit that application. Please note that the normal desktop is not yet loaded when that registration app is loaded, so the normal tricks to kill an app didn’t work. So, I had to hard reset the machine, and then reload OSX.

So, the initial thing wiht the PowerBook, was that OSX got into a stage that I couldn’t do anything about recovering it. After that, it worked fine.

Today also, my friend Jill came over for lunch and we had a great time chatting. 🙂