Archive for January 30th, 2003

Going Wireless

For the first time, we used wireless in our house. We setup the G4 Cube as a software base station and my husband was soon able to browse the net with his silver Orinoco wireless card under Win2k (Win2k had the drivers already in place). It is nice to feel “free” around the house and be able to browse the net from the bedroom or the toilet. 🙂

When I tried to use my old laptop with wireless, I had more problems though. First of all, we found out that the PC clock was dead. It had “stopped” on December 9th 2002. One more reason to get a new laptop. Anyways.
With difficulty I found the drivers for Win98, install them, rebooted 2 or 3 times, had a hard time to find the client software (which is not installed by default) and install it, change the settings, crash Win98 once because it doesn’t like to take out the wireless card without disabling it first, and then after I got finally connected, the connection to the Cube was “marginal”. The signal wasn’t strong and it was easily losing connection. I was able to browse though and upgrade my Mozilla. Hmm…

Anyways, I think I want that new TiBook 12″. It should “just work”.