Archive for January 29th, 2003


So, I had my second French lesson today. It goes well, it is just that she gives me a lot of homework… hmm…
At least my pronounciation doesn’t suck too much. 🙂

My JBQ bought a new camera last Saturday, around $300 I think. His new big hobby now is taking pictures and looking at eBay all the time for lenses… I think I preffer painting for his hobby. Seems less expensive…

Other than that, not much is happening. This weekend seems to be the time that we will do a lot of work on reshuffling my computers. I still run WinXP on the dual Celeron 533, but I have an athlonXP 1600+ sitting there doing nothing. So, we will move the windows hard drive to that PC, and then get the 40 GB samsung drive from there and put it in my Cube, which currently has a very slow 20 GB Maxtor drive. That would mean that I would need to reinstall Windows and OSX in the next week… mmm, a lot of work.

Additionally, I am thinking of buying a new laptop. The current one I have is very heavy, its battery is dead, it has only 64 MB of ram and 3 GB hdd with 4 OSes in it. But it is old.
So, I am thinking of buying the new Powerbook 12″, I just wait for David from OSNews to receive his and give me an evalution as to how good the machine actually is (David has already ordered it).