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Going Wireless

For the first time, we used wireless in our house. We setup the G4 Cube as a software base station and my husband was soon able to browse the net with his silver Orinoco wireless card under Win2k (Win2k had the drivers already in place). It is nice to feel “free” around the house and be able to browse the net from the bedroom or the toilet. 🙂

When I tried to use my old laptop with wireless, I had more problems though. First of all, we found out that the PC clock was dead. It had “stopped” on December 9th 2002. One more reason to get a new laptop. Anyways.
With difficulty I found the drivers for Win98, install them, rebooted 2 or 3 times, had a hard time to find the client software (which is not installed by default) and install it, change the settings, crash Win98 once because it doesn’t like to take out the wireless card without disabling it first, and then after I got finally connected, the connection to the Cube was “marginal”. The signal wasn’t strong and it was easily losing connection. I was able to browse though and upgrade my Mozilla. Hmm…

Anyways, I think I want that new TiBook 12″. It should “just work”.


So, I had my second French lesson today. It goes well, it is just that she gives me a lot of homework… hmm…
At least my pronounciation doesn’t suck too much. 🙂

My JBQ bought a new camera last Saturday, around $300 I think. His new big hobby now is taking pictures and looking at eBay all the time for lenses… I think I preffer painting for his hobby. Seems less expensive…

Other than that, not much is happening. This weekend seems to be the time that we will do a lot of work on reshuffling my computers. I still run WinXP on the dual Celeron 533, but I have an athlonXP 1600+ sitting there doing nothing. So, we will move the windows hard drive to that PC, and then get the 40 GB samsung drive from there and put it in my Cube, which currently has a very slow 20 GB Maxtor drive. That would mean that I would need to reinstall Windows and OSX in the next week… mmm, a lot of work.

Additionally, I am thinking of buying a new laptop. The current one I have is very heavy, its battery is dead, it has only 64 MB of ram and 3 GB hdd with 4 OSes in it. But it is old.
So, I am thinking of buying the new Powerbook 12″, I just wait for David from OSNews to receive his and give me an evalution as to how good the machine actually is (David has already ordered it).

French lessons

I am still ill. I have a running red nose, I am sneezing all the time and my ears feel stuffy.

I hope that I won’t be like that on Wednesday though, because today I arranged to have my first private French lesson! Yes! At last, I will have a start on trying to learn to speak the language of my husband. Can’t wait to start!

The teacher asked for $58 per hour, but I played it hard and got it down to $42. Still pretty expensive, but I guess not way too bad… It will be a session of 10 hours for now. I hope it will work out ok.


JBQ was and still is ill (flu/cold kind of thing) and now is my turn. Since last night, I now feel as he did on Wednesday. I can’t wait to pass the whole thing over… mmm… 🙁

Back from holidays

A whole month in Europe. Came to an end.

We spent about 12 days in Greece and the rest of the time in France.

We rented a car in Athens and JBQ said that he has never seen worse drivers in his whole life than the drivers in Athens. We of course got lost in Athens at some point, but we were able to get out of there, get the road to Rio and get to Louros at 4 AM (my mother was still waiting for us at that time!), 28 hours of overall travelling.

I had missed my village in the mountains (which is not where my parents live nowdays). I love that place, even if there are not more than 25-30 people left in there. I remember once, when I was about 10 years old, there were more than 200 people living there, plus each Christmas and Easter or the summer the village was getting back all the people who lived abroad or in Athens, getting up to 450 people! Full of life back then… A deserted place nowdays. 🙁

I was able to see a few friends, but one of my friends I wasn’t able to see. Funnily, she was on… TV (she is a nurse in the Preveza hospital where the news had a report that day)!! So, I did see her for a split second on TV. 😀

Another thing that was in the local TV was a scandal that happened in Louros, the small town my parents live nowdays (about 3,000 people I think – everyone knows everyone mind you). People were discussing about it all the time while I was there! It was the talk of the town, literally: Apparently the police stormed in a house thinking that there was a case for drugs, but what they found was 4-5 married Louros women having orgies (aged from 30 to 55)!! The rumour said that they also “used” a 16 years old boy, who had to go to the hospital after his arrest, because he consumed a lot of viagra! All that, in a town that NOTHING happens, EVER! haha… Really funny! The news actually made a quick run in the national tv as well (Star Channel reported on it). The funny part is that except 1 woman who the local people know for sure was among them, the police never revealed the identities of the rest of the women (rightfully of course), so the gossips as to who are the rest of the women were stronger than anything else in the small town of Louros! hahaha…

I spent most of my days there visiting relatives and… fixing my teeth to my dentist. I had to pay $120, while I do not pay a single dime in US to fix teeth, but it is all about who you trust I guess (I trust that particular dentist hence my decision to fix my teeth in Greece)… 😀

Getting back to Athens to get the plane for France was a pain, because the RIO ferry boats were not working due to strong winds in the area. We had to go through the older road via “Sterea Ellada” which took us 9 hours… And of course, we again got lost inside Athens until we get to the airport.

Next day we were in Paris, spent the day there, at night were in Nancy, JBQ’s place. The next morning we went to Vald’iser one of the biggest ski resorts in the world, in Alpes. We stayed there one week, JBQ had great time skiing! My baby loves skiing. A week ago we were back in Nancy and on JBQ’s birthday we went to watch LOTR:The Two Towers in the cinema. I guess that was a great birthday present to be in a theatre with 400 seats, and ONLY me and JBQ in it!!! We were alone! The theatre happened to be empty. 😀
Of course, I did suggest “let’s have sex” joking to JBQ, but it was cool to be completely alone in the big theater room…

Two days later JBQ was sick from a “local” flu virus, but he was up and running 20 hours later. On Sunday, we were in the airport 1 hour and 45 minutes before the actual flight back to SF, USA, only to be told that the flight was overbooked and they threw us out of the flight. They gave us $400 in vouchers with Air France (they suck), but we had to come back in SF via NY,JFK. It was a long trip, 15 hours inside the planes, but we made it back… 😮

And now, you will have to excuse me, I will need to clean up the house a bit. 🙂