So, for ThanksGiving we went at our friend’s, Daniel, place, and we had excellent time and dinner! There were 11 people I think, and we had some really intelligent discussions (e.g. Imperial vs metric system, warp travel and other such 🙂
Daniel and Patrice have a great dog, Echo! Echo is so intelligent, it is amazing! 🙂
Very late at night, everyone started playing board games, while I was sleeping… in the couch. 😀

On other news, JBQ still sleeps this morning (2:30 PM), and he has a bucket next to him just in case he need to throw up (he already did so earlier :)! I told him to not drink wine, but he never listens! He only drinks very periodically, so he is not accustomed to it. But when he does, he is always sick the next day. I don’t understand why he continues doing it!
(I never drink btw, I don’t like alcohol)

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