PalmSource, SGI, Red Hat 8

Went to PalmSource’s Open House day yesterday. Andrew from gave me a lift at the event. We had a pretty good time (and some good food was there :), but my legs hurt today for standing all day yesterday. 😛
JBQ was late 40 minutes to come and pick me up from there last night, as the traffic was bad because of a concert happening near by. So, we decided to go to Frys near by, until the traffic would clear up. We bought a mouse for me and a new VGA cable that gets from the SGI 24″ monitor we got here to a normal VGA card (it normally has the Unix monitor connector which is not compatible with PCs). So, now we are on 1920×1200 resolution (this incredible monitor can do 2048×1440 too, but the stupid nVidia Geforce2 MX-400 Asus card can’t go as high in a respectable refresh rate), but it was a bitch to setup that specific resolution under Red Hat Linux 8. Yeah, I found an FTP site that had the leaked ISOs from Red Hat, so I hope I will have the review ready for Monday, before anyone else… 😉

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