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We had an interesting weekend. We wanted to do more on Sunday, but I had so much work to do for the redhat article (which boosted our impressions for today at 240,000 hits)…

We bought a really nice painting for the living room. It is like a children’s paiting of Noe’s ark, but I really love its simplicity.

We bought 15 new fish as well, and they seem to do great. 🙂

Both JBQ ( and myself ( opened LiveJournal blogs, but I think I will still be using this one. 🙂

PalmSource, SGI, Red Hat 8

Went to PalmSource’s Open House day yesterday. Andrew from gave me a lift at the event. We had a pretty good time (and some good food was there :), but my legs hurt today for standing all day yesterday. 😛
JBQ was late 40 minutes to come and pick me up from there last night, as the traffic was bad because of a concert happening near by. So, we decided to go to Frys near by, until the traffic would clear up. We bought a mouse for me and a new VGA cable that gets from the SGI 24″ monitor we got here to a normal VGA card (it normally has the Unix monitor connector which is not compatible with PCs). So, now we are on 1920×1200 resolution (this incredible monitor can do 2048×1440 too, but the stupid nVidia Geforce2 MX-400 Asus card can’t go as high in a respectable refresh rate), but it was a bitch to setup that specific resolution under Red Hat Linux 8. Yeah, I found an FTP site that had the leaked ISOs from Red Hat, so I hope I will have the review ready for Monday, before anyone else… 😉

Anniversary and all

Aaah… one year married.
Yesterday we had our one year anniversary. It was cool. We went to the City, watched the “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” movie (funny movie), then ate to the japanese restaurant at Metreon and then we went to the zoo. This time they had lots of sheep and goats (along with many wild animals). They are all so beautiful and smart animals. Whoever says that sheep are stupid, he/she has no clue about the idiosygracy of these animals.
Last night we had a quiet night with some pizza and lots of hugs. 🙂

Matrox, fish

JBQ found the lost Matrox G400 card.

A fish died, we are expecting one more to die too.

People still bitch on osnews that I am a bitch.

It was just another boring day.

SGI Octane…

Yeah baby!

I get to keep this SGI Octane MIPS-based IRIX workstation for a couple of weeks. An SGI employee brought it over today, for a review of IRIX we are planning to do for osnews the next few weeks.

One thing that it is a bit unfomfortable though is that they brought me a… 24″ monitor. It is HUGE. I am literally out of space here. 😮

But the Octane is really cool. Haven’t put it online yet, I am waiting JBQ to come from work and help me put the monitor on the desk… Can’t lift it alone, it is just huge!

About Freedom of Speech

I was discussing this with an American friend of mine in the know.

So, basically, you don’t have the “right” to speak on a web site. You only have the *privilege* to do so. You only have the “right” to speak freely in your *own private space*. On someone else’s web space, the webmaster has ABSOLUTE power to moderate or delete down a comment. NOT change the comment of course. But delete it or mod it down.

This is to answer to some people who do not understand and they have completely misinterpret the law. The privilage can be LEGALLY taken out when the person who did the comment, did not comply with other laws (like discrimination, personal attacks etc) and/or the whatever rules of the website the owner has set.

There is a difference between your RIGHT of speech and PRIVILEGE of speech. You only have the second, in someone else’s PROPERTY.

At least, this is what I was told. 😮

long week

We had a week of vacations basically. We went to Lake Tahoe and on many other places. Pretty cool. 🙂