This weekend…

We did not do much. I bought a (piss poor) digital camera at Frys on Saturday, really shitty quality at 640×480. It was only for $70 though.
Yesterday we went to see XXX, the movie. Funny stuff… 😛

While I was chatting to my brother online this morning, I had the DJ Eurodance online radio station playing on my WinAmp. And then… they played that song: FireWalker from TuttiFrutti.
This was my favorite dance song back in the mid ’90s. When my brother was a DJ in the local club in the town I grew up, I was always asking him to play it. But I personally did not have the song on a cassette or a CD. Years went by, I forgot the name of the group and song name, but I was always remembering how much I loved that song. I could only remember that it had something to do “fire”… And they played the song today!! I grabbeed the song name and group name and tried to find information about it on the web, but to no avail!! There were only 1-2 instances talking about it. Of course, I then tried KaZaA Lite. Could not find it there either! This is such a rare song to have. But it is so good…
If someone reads this that have this song, please let me know. I would pay up to $40 to get it on either CD or mp3 at 128 Kbps+.

This song brings me back so many memories…

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