Archive for August 20th, 2002

The last few days

So, we found one more fish (it was hiding somewhere), so it was “only” 2 fish dead.

On sunday we went to see “Signs”, a pretty bizarre movie.

Yesterday, Jill from came for lunch, we had good time chatting and stuff. 🙂

Yesterday I also received a GeForce2MX 32 MB for my Cube G4 Macintosh. Someone, that I will not name as per his request, sent me this card free of charge, so I can write a more accurate review of MAcOSX 10.2 Jaguar. Thank you so much anonymous. 🙂
Now, with QuartzExtreme enabled, OSX 10.2 feels even faster, but its UI is still not as fast and responsive as WindowsXP on a similar machine.