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More goodies!

Yay! The special RGB cable ($60) for our PlayStation 2 is here! We tried it and the quality is so much better now! Much more crispier and colorful than the previous PS2 cable, which was a $30 one! The default PS2 cable is really-really bad quality-wise.
Everyone, upgrade your PS2 cables! Now!

Also, the 5.1 surround speaker system we ordered for the TV came today as well. It is a Philips MX-999 and costs about $320 I think. We haven’t plugged them in yet.

Greek Festival

We went to Fry’s this evening, buying some audio cables for our big speakers, and then we went to the Greek Festival in San Jose. Pretty cool.


Quite some day yesterday.
We rented a van and spent the morning at IKEA, buying some more furniture (new table and chairs, shelves), including a new desk for me, to put the Cube on. 🙂

Later, got to U-HAUL and got back the rest of our stuff. We had some speakers, desks, shelves and some fishtanks there, since September 12th 2001. After the tragedy, we had put most of our stuff at a public storage, because we needed to leave for Europe to get married, but we could not find a flight back, so we had to secure all our stuff there. Loooong story…. 🙁

Thanks God, Daniel S. and Mathias A. came to help us move the last few remaining things from U-haul, as these were the most heavy ones, I could not really help JBQ…

Later the evening, we had a nice dinner at our place and watched K-PAX in the new big screen TV. We had a nice time. 🙂

Today we supposed to go to the Greek festival in San Jose, but JBQ feels tired. He currently gets his… second nap today! :o)

In other news, is now moved to another server, but I am not quite happy about the things the provider offers. We will see what I will do with it…