Archive for June 20th, 2002


Well, I still haven’t found where the Matrox G400 is, but we decided to go ahead and install the peripherals we bought for the MicroTelPC AthlonXP 1600+. So, we added 512 MB of ram (768 now), a BTC 24x10x40x CD-RW, my Yamaha YMF-754 sound card and the nVidia GeForce2 MX400 (which I bought for the Mac but didn’t work).

I am unhappy with the nVidia offering because I have to recompile its driver each time I changing Linux kernels. And guess what. I decided to do it for my 3 Linux kernels on my Red Hat partition on that machine. But when I tried to compile the nvidia driver, it said that it won’t continue because my compiler is now different than the one I compiled the kernel with (I upgraded to GCC 3.1 two weeks ago). So, in order to get the bloody GLX to work with the MX400, I need to not only recompile the driver three times, but my kernels as well ! Boy, doesn’t that suck. This was the reason I prefered the (inferior 3D-wise) Matrox G400, over the nvidia one!

So, I just went and used the standard “nv” driver for it now, which is the “generic” XFree one for nVidia cards that does not provide 3D. But at least the 2D works ok.

The machine is really fast now that we added more memory. While with KDE 3.01 my memory consumption was about 200 MB out of the 256 MB, and while I was always thinking “I got to spare about 50 more MBs before I hit the swap”, I was wrong! Going to 768 MB of RAM, even KDE flies! I know, it sounds weird for the bloated KDE to be called “fast”, but with so much RAM, kedit comes up in less than 1 sec (previously 2 secs), while Konqueror loads in 2 seconds (previously about 3.5 secs). Not bad… [note: I have manually compiled KDE with athlon optimizations and -03 and object-prelinking]