So, today we went to the Athletics Grand Prix in Palo Alto. We saw Marion Jones, Gail Devers, Stacey Dragila, Richards at 400m and others.

I LOVE athletics, but I had never been in a such a live meeting before. The wind was very strong and JBQ got really cold, but we both had a good time.

The funny part was when during the men’s javelin I asked JBQ if it ever happened that some of the judges got hurt from a javelin throw. JBQ said that it was possible it had happened.

An hour later, it was time for the women’s discus. So, that athlete sends the discus to the net barrier and it made a big sound. The next athlete, sends the discus in the field. But the discus landed on a JUDGE !!!
The judge was in the field, for about 10 minutes with lots of people around him. He seemed ok though after that, he didn’t seemed badly hurt!!

After the athletics meeting we went to Fry’s where we bought two PS2 games and the widescreen version of Harry Potter DVD. Then, we went for a Cobb salad at Friday’s.

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