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The party was cool on Saturday. We were expecting more people to come, but I think that most people forgot, as I had sent the first round of emails almost two weeks before.

Yesterday we watched Minority Report. JBQ loved the film, while I thought that it had some plot holes. It was a good movie, but not a masterpiece exactly…

In other news, I am still deeply in love with my beloved husband. 🙂


On preparation of our party on Saturday (we are hosting a small party 🙂 we bought.. a vacuum cleaner. The previous one died on my hands two days ago while I was cleaning the house. 😀

JBQ’s journal

And here is my beloved’s husband blog! 🙂

The DVD player

We never received the freaking dvd player from the online store we ordered, as they were not able to verify our shipping address, while it works fine with other retailers. 😛

So, we decided to buy it at Fry’s, even at the much more expensive price of $225 USD. We went to the Palo Alto Fry’s and we were caught in a surprise seeing that the player now had a price of $119 USD! Philips is trying to get rid of it, as they now have a newer model. But this (progressive-capable) player is a really good one and for that price, it definately even justifies to buy one for yourself and one for mom and dad.

Of course, we were not the only ones understanding this, so the player had sold out when we went there at the evening.

We asked if the Sunnyvale Fry’s had any in stock, and they told us that they have 20 of them in stock. We get in the Camaro, we drove fast over there, and we found out that this Fry’s forgot to add the big label of “SALE” to the item, so no one knew that the price was now $119. So, this is why it hasn’t been sold out!
So, we got it, we went to have a nice dinner at Chevy’s, came back home, put it online and watched Harry Potter and almost half of the Phantome Menace.

Quality is great! We are really happy of the home theatre we built. We spent less than $2300 USD on it, which is a bargain considering the parts that it is consisted of! We were very lucky to find these parts in very good prices.

Oh, did I mention that we were able to play European DVDs with it? 😉

The TV was able to display them too… 😮


Well, I still haven’t found where the Matrox G400 is, but we decided to go ahead and install the peripherals we bought for the MicroTelPC AthlonXP 1600+. So, we added 512 MB of ram (768 now), a BTC 24x10x40x CD-RW, my Yamaha YMF-754 sound card and the nVidia GeForce2 MX400 (which I bought for the Mac but didn’t work).

I am unhappy with the nVidia offering because I have to recompile its driver each time I changing Linux kernels. And guess what. I decided to do it for my 3 Linux kernels on my Red Hat partition on that machine. But when I tried to compile the nvidia driver, it said that it won’t continue because my compiler is now different than the one I compiled the kernel with (I upgraded to GCC 3.1 two weeks ago). So, in order to get the bloody GLX to work with the MX400, I need to not only recompile the driver three times, but my kernels as well ! Boy, doesn’t that suck. This was the reason I prefered the (inferior 3D-wise) Matrox G400, over the nvidia one!

So, I just went and used the standard “nv” driver for it now, which is the “generic” XFree one for nVidia cards that does not provide 3D. But at least the 2D works ok.

The machine is really fast now that we added more memory. While with KDE 3.01 my memory consumption was about 200 MB out of the 256 MB, and while I was always thinking “I got to spare about 50 more MBs before I hit the swap”, I was wrong! Going to 768 MB of RAM, even KDE flies! I know, it sounds weird for the bloated KDE to be called “fast”, but with so much RAM, kedit comes up in less than 1 sec (previously 2 secs), while Konqueror loads in 2 seconds (previously about 3.5 secs). Not bad… [note: I have manually compiled KDE with athlon optimizations and -03 and object-prelinking]


Wow, today we went shopping… 😮
While we go shopping often, it is not so often that we actually buy clothes, shoes and kitchen stuff…
I kinda liked it… I felt a bit like the rest of the women in this planet… Too much geekiness here… 😀

Moving, cleanup

We spent most of the day helping our friend Daniel moving to his new house. The move went very smooth.

On the way back home we stopped at Fry’s and bought again some DVDs, PS2 games and my baby bought for me a CD-RW. I never had a burner before. I will be installing it on the AthlonXP 1600+ machine that MicroTel PCs send me a month ago. I need to also install my Yamaha Digital-XG sound card (the mobo comes with an AC97 anyway), the 512 MB additional DDR RAM we bought for my birthday last month and a different graphics card than the onboard SavagePRO+. I have an Asus GeForce2 MX400 32MB (which I bought because it was supposedly supported by Mac G4 Cube out of the box, but it didn’t) and a Matrox G400 MAX Dualhead 32 MB.
Personally, I want to install the Matrox on that box, because the G400 works with any operating system under the sun, while nVidia has withheld spec information from QNX, BeOS etc. Also, it is a pain to configure correctly an nVidia card under Linux or FreeBSD, especially for 3D. Therefore, that card is a no-go for me, for my everyday machine which has a number of OSes in it.

Problem is, that I haven’t seen the Matrox G400 card around since we moved houses last September! I looked at many places in the house, and some boxes full of hardware, but I haven’t found it yet. 🙁

Work and soccer

JBQ had to work on Sunday, but we had lunch together. I wanted to watch X-Men with him on Sunday evening on cable, but job was calling…

Yesterday, we had a guest for dinner and then the two guys watched a soccer game from the world cup, while I was compiling KDE on my Gentoo box… 🙂
Funny that France didn’t score a single goal in this tournament. Oh, well… exactly like Greece didn’t score anything 4 years ago. 😛

Oh, Wolverine rocks! 🙂
The actor who portrays him (Hugh Jackman), is fantastic in the role!


So, today we went to the Athletics Grand Prix in Palo Alto. We saw Marion Jones, Gail Devers, Stacey Dragila, Richards at 400m and others.

I LOVE athletics, but I had never been in a such a live meeting before. The wind was very strong and JBQ got really cold, but we both had a good time.

The funny part was when during the men’s javelin I asked JBQ if it ever happened that some of the judges got hurt from a javelin throw. JBQ said that it was possible it had happened.

An hour later, it was time for the women’s discus. So, that athlete sends the discus to the net barrier and it made a big sound. The next athlete, sends the discus in the field. But the discus landed on a JUDGE !!!
The judge was in the field, for about 10 minutes with lots of people around him. He seemed ok though after that, he didn’t seemed badly hurt!!

After the athletics meeting we went to Fry’s where we bought two PS2 games and the widescreen version of Harry Potter DVD. Then, we went for a Cobb salad at Friday’s.


And now, time to buy the last thing we need to complete our home Theater system: a DVD player.
We decided about this model:

Philips DVD 953

We are thinking of making a party at the end of the month and invite lots of people. I think it will be fun! 🙂