Archive for May 25th, 2002

Birthday yesterday

We had a great time last evening to celebrate my birthday. I am now 29 years old.

We went to Fry’s, where my baby bought for me a 512 DDR DIMM for my new AthlonXP, then we had a very romantic dinner at Mings, and then we went to go and watch Star Wars.

If the dialog was not so bad, the Anakin actor knew how to act and the whole movie was not so “lifeless”, I would say that this was a classic. I hope Lucas gets it right in the third and final installment of Star Wars. However, both myself and JBQ agreed that Amidala’s clothes were extremely nice! 🙂

Last night at Fry’s we also bought a K6 fan, so our server is back in business since this morning.

Later today, we are going back at Frys to buy the new TV: SHARP 55″, model 55RWP4H

As of right now, I am compiling KOffice 1.2 from the CVS. I hope it will compile ok, because it said that I don’t have an XML library installed…