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Birthday and TVs

It’s 12:20 AM. I can’t sleep… 🙁

It’s my birthday today. We will probably be going to a restaurant tonight, and we may buy a 55″ TV on Saturday… I don’t exactly see the point of spending $1700 to get this 55″ SHARP HDTV (our current 27″ TV works just fine), but JBQ says that it is for my birthday.
But I know more than anyone else that he wanted to have a big HDTV for quite some time now. 😀

Anyways… We are getting Cable TV next Wednesday. It will be cool, to have more than the 3-4 channels we were able to receive for months now.


So, our FreeBSD server is dead. The CPU fan died, overheating the K6-III CPU, resulting to weird data before the crash, resulting the cable modem to go nuts for hours after AT&T resetted it remotely (it seems so – it started working by itself 2-3 hours later). We are heading to get a new fan tonight. I think the CPU still works, but we already have a backup, a K6-II I think.