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One year in USA

Heh, last Saturday I completed one whole year of living in USA… 🙂

But I am still pissed off because of the ASUS card. 😛

Unrelated, I know…

The bloody gfx card does not work with the Cube

We installed the card tonight, and there is absolutely, no go. The Asus card *does not* work with the Cube. We see some vertical lines, and that’s about it. I have the latest ROM installed in the Cube, the system profiler reports: 4.1.9f

Personally, I am a bit dissapointed… There goes $85 USD. 🙁
It seems that either the card only works on G4 PowerMacs, but not Cubes, OR, Asus now sells a different revision which makes it incompatible with Macs again.

And as for the Envision monitor, it seems to have MORE problems (even before we did the gfx upgrade) in addition to the bad quality and the non-crispiness. It was flashing in and out today… 🙁
Save your penies for a better monitor. Envision just doesn’t deliver.

V7100 PRO

Yay! The card is here!

Of course, I feel stupid for not waiting 24 hours and get the news that the only $12 more expensive card with the 64 MB onboard also works on Mac. 🙁

Anyways, we will be installing the card in the Cube this weekend.

I tried the AsusDVD software DVD playback that came with the card on my XP (with the Voodoo5 card) and it is a really nice product. Everything works really smooth and stuff and with nice sound quality.
And Linux still struggles with that out-of-sync, slow and unreliable VideoLAN, Ogle, mPlayer and Xine. I tried them all, none of them is as good as the worst Windows DVD player or the Apple one.