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Got an ASUS GeForce2MX

So, both myself and Jbq spent the whole night trying to find a solution for the Quartz Extreme goodie/curse by Apple.

We found out that there are only three GeForce2MX PC cards that work without BIOS flashing under Mac. We went for this one:

ASUS V7100 Pure Pro GeForce2 MX400 32MB AGP

Bear in mind, that only the specific model works. The 64 MB model or the one with the TVout or the MX200 equivelant, even if they share the same product name, will not work under Mac. So, as long you have the latest 4.1.8 or 4.1.9 BIOS for G4s, you should be able to use this card with no other modifications. We bought it for $64 USD +tax/postage.

I just hope it will fit on my Cube…

Thing is, that the technology that Apple wants to introduce will be very slow EVEN with the latest GeForce4 Ti 4600. JBQ said that the Desktop will feel like a TNT-1 in terms of performance with this new technology on big resolutions, even if you have the very latest GeForce4. As for the 2MX-400 we just bought, it will be dead slow on 1280x1024x32bpp at 85Hz. But at least, it will be able to utilize “Quartz Extreme”. No other cards except the GeForce2MX or OLDER Radeons (not 7500/8500 and above) fit on the Cubes.