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Digital Cable

Yay! We got digital cable today!
Well, the quality is not so great (I can see the mpeg artifacts on all channels except the Movie channels), and we still don’t get HBO, even if we ordered the Gold Package from AT&T. Other than that, it looks good on a 55″ TV. 🙂

I wish I knew which channel has Star Trek: TNG though.

Birthday yesterday

We had a great time last evening to celebrate my birthday. I am now 29 years old.

We went to Fry’s, where my baby bought for me a 512 DDR DIMM for my new AthlonXP, then we had a very romantic dinner at Mings, and then we went to go and watch Star Wars.

If the dialog was not so bad, the Anakin actor knew how to act and the whole movie was not so “lifeless”, I would say that this was a classic. I hope Lucas gets it right in the third and final installment of Star Wars. However, both myself and JBQ agreed that Amidala’s clothes were extremely nice! 🙂

Last night at Fry’s we also bought a K6 fan, so our server is back in business since this morning.

Later today, we are going back at Frys to buy the new TV: SHARP 55″, model 55RWP4H

As of right now, I am compiling KOffice 1.2 from the CVS. I hope it will compile ok, because it said that I don’t have an XML library installed…

Birthday and TVs

It’s 12:20 AM. I can’t sleep… 🙁

It’s my birthday today. We will probably be going to a restaurant tonight, and we may buy a 55″ TV on Saturday… I don’t exactly see the point of spending $1700 to get this 55″ SHARP HDTV (our current 27″ TV works just fine), but JBQ says that it is for my birthday.
But I know more than anyone else that he wanted to have a big HDTV for quite some time now. 😀

Anyways… We are getting Cable TV next Wednesday. It will be cool, to have more than the 3-4 channels we were able to receive for months now.


So, our FreeBSD server is dead. The CPU fan died, overheating the K6-III CPU, resulting to weird data before the crash, resulting the cable modem to go nuts for hours after AT&T resetted it remotely (it seems so – it started working by itself 2-3 hours later). We are heading to get a new fan tonight. I think the CPU still works, but we already have a backup, a K6-II I think.


It was an interesting weekend!

I received an AthlonXP 1600+ for free! Check out its configuration. I will need to write a review about it of course. 🙂

I already installed Red Hat 7.2 on it, and it is freaking fast. At least, faster than the rest of our PCs in the house. 😀

Andrew from came for dinner last night and we chatted about lots of industry things. 🙂

Today we went to Fry’s and Benoit Schilings (the person who first wrote BeOS and its app_server) was there too. It was nice to see Benoit again. JBQ sees him at work every day (they both work at the same place), but I haven’t personally seen him since the Dominic Giampaolo’s party last year.

As for osnews, all I can say: darn it. I am so late delivering the longer articles I need to have ready. 🙁

Star Wars Vs Star Trek

I was always a big fan of Star Trek (and still I am), but there is something that I always liked in Star Wars much more than in Star Trek:

The alien characters.

In Star Trek 95% of the characters are all humanoid, extremely human-alike. I do not like that because it does not make any sense, apart from the fact that the protagonists can… mate with these aliens ‘easier’. It is stupid, really. I prefer a more… “realistic” fantasy, aliens that have nothing in common with us. That is what real exploration is, which is the main theme in Star Trek. Star Wars is a Knight Saga of Good and Evil, and it still manages to get that part right.

Last Wednesday I watched that new ST:Enterprise episode where captain Archer is in Risa, the holiday planet, (obviously) for vacations. And he meets that beautiful humanoid woman, and they get closer to each other (but not too close). Now, that woman supposedly had never seen a human from Earth before. However, she manages to have an Earth dog. Where the hell did she find that (obviously) Earth dog?

Also, in the ST:Insurrection movie, the Bakoo race had goats and llamas. Bakoo is a completely strange planet, a planet that had never seen humans before. Plus, the Bakoo are 100% human alike, which also does not made any sense.

No matter how much I do like Star Trek, things like that are just laughable.

We are going to watch the new SW movie sometime next-next week, where most of the noise would have calmed down.

Some people…

Some people are so rude. Or stupid. Or both…
You send them a personal email and they reply having CC’ed a public & archived mailing list.
This is not so good now, is it?


We had some nice time yesterday.
For lunch we went to an Italian restaurant, where they brought me something else of what I ordered, but it was ok, I guess…
We walked to the Toys’R’Us store and then came back home and JBQ had a big nap again, as he always does on weekends (catching up sleep from the week – I am a bit worried about him lately, he works very long and intensive hours).

Last night two ex-Be engineers and friends came for dinner: Mathias A. and Daniel S. It was only the third time I was cooking french onion soup in my life, but it seems that everyone liked it. 😀

We had a nice time yesterday. 🙂

Cube has its own mind

If all that was not enough, the Cube is now randomly shuts itself Off *and* starts itself ON !! 🙁
While I was in the shower today, and I heard the Cube making the booting sound. It had booted by itself…

I am really sad about this situation. 🙁

However, tonight I installed the developer tools, so I would try to figure out how to use all these tools on MacOSX. I want to also port 3 specific SDL games as well: LBreakout, LGeneral and Alizarin Tetris…

One year in USA

Heh, last Saturday I completed one whole year of living in USA… 🙂

But I am still pissed off because of the ASUS card. 😛

Unrelated, I know…